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Virgin Mary Statue at Dau Beach is located on the foothills of Big Mountain built in 1992. The elegant white statue, 25 meters high, overlooking the sea, holding Jesus. Mary church compound Bai Dau also a cluster of spectacular religious architecture. It has a road up the mountain for panoramic view of coastal city of Vung Tau. Destination is the cross and along the way are 14 Stations of the Cross of Jesus.

Niet Ban TinhXa– Buddhist Retreat is located on the small mountain. This is the East-West architecture combines: Sanctum featuring Nirvana Buddha statue lying, looking westward. On the right is the Bat Nha boat - where more decorative flowers and plants, ThoDa  forest where Prince Grotamapracticing Buddhism.

Prajna boat yard with roof steeple with four bends, bronze statue sculpted in bronze Dai Hong Chung is known for its ringing sound. In front of the Main Hall is a large censer with four supernatural figure "Dragon – Lion – Tortoise  - Phoenix" meticulously assembled by a variety of ceramic pieces.

(Source: www.bariavungtautourism.com.vn)

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