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Vung Tau is located on the peninsula of the same name, is the provincial capital of the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. The city juts out like a strip with a length of about 14km and a width of about 6km.

From here, one can see the sea at both sunrise and sunset. As a coastal city, with beach of 20km, Vung Tau became a popular tourist place for domestic and foreign travelers. In  addition, Vung Tau is also the land of cultural tradition with historical monuments. The province has 29 national level relics.

Vung Tau is a coastal city so with ideal beach for tourists and beach resort. Back Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Vietnam, also known as Thuy Van (Thuy Duong). Located south of Vung Tau extending from the foot of small mountain  stretching 10km to Cua Lap river mouth, long flat sandy beaches, clean sea water, blue, big waves. The front is the East Sea, behind is the white sand dunes and untouched casuarina forests. Guests will get the feeling of comfort when immersed in the cool waters of the back beach, enjoying the fresh and cool air. The back beach also has  large forest with ancient casuarinas forest with lodge-style highlands communal house fully equipped with modern but rustic decoration

Nearby is the front beach also called Tam Duong beach. The sea water here is notas  cleanas that at back beach so that almost tourists are concentrated in the back beach . But at the front beach, travelers will find an unforgettable sensation of romantic sunset at dusk and dawn. Along the beach are coconut trees (that is why this place was formerly called Coconut Bay) with flower-filled parks for visitors and pedestrian to stroll. At night, along the Tran Phu, QuangTrungstreets aglow high voltage street lamps, café lights shine in all colors.

The back beach with gentle beauty and brilliance, a splendid front beach, and Vung Tau also has peacefulDau beach. This beach has many cliffs and large rocks jutting into the sea,  with a  concave  of  luxuriant vegetation, surrounding  huge mountains, steep foothills and close to the sea. The atmosphere here quiet and gives travelers the feeling of tranquility.

Big mountain is one of two beautiful mountains, located to the north of the city of Vung Tau, near the seaside, also known as TuongKy mountain with mountain road blessed with many beautiful landscapes such as White Palace, SakyamuniStatue ,Virgin Mary statue, the statue of Lady Buddha, ... visitors can climb to the top of Big Mountain to enjoy the cool and fresh air, and a panoramic view of the city of Vung Tau, winding path around the city in the sount. In addition, there are Stone Tip, White Palace, CaoTrang rocky at the top of Big Mountain where tourists come and there's nothing like a walk in the afternoon.

Contrary to Big Mountain, Small Mountain is located south of the city and another name is Tao Phung. Below the base of the mountain is the coastal path with many hotels, restaurants, cafés, ... Top of Small Mountain, visitors have the opportunity to admire the Jesus extending arms statue of  32m high,  the highest in the world. More interesting, when climbing up the mountain, tourists can enjoy a unique structure that is Lighthouse. Inside there is a spiral staircase up to the top and near the entrance leads to a balcony for Vung Tau panoramic observation.

End  ofSmall Mountain to the south is NghinhPhongmountain embracing VongNguyetbeach in the east and west and  Pineapple beach windy all year round. Going around not far from NghinhPhong, visitors encounter Ba isle with rocky outcrop. Visitors can walk out here and play. On the ring road from the front beach to Small Mountain running through pineapple beach, NghinhPhong tip and back beach of  6km. On the two roadside has many attractions to  as Nirvana Vihara, statues of Christ, ...

Besides the two big mountain and small mountain, in Vung Tau also has more mountains also attract many visitors to the DinhMountain which is located in Tan Thanh district. It is a community of trees, pagodas, temples, shrines, mugs and mountains. Hide under the ridge is the cave temple, Dai Tung Lam Pagoda, Tay Phuong Pagoda, ..bring a lot of value in terms of religion. And derived from this mountain is the largest Dinh in  Vung Tau, flowing through PhuocLe  11km Northwest, 1000 m at its widest, narrowest 300m, the deepest section  is 25 meters.

Situated parallel to the small beach tothe foot of Cua Lap river mouth with a  length  10km is a 4m -12 m high sand hill.  Thanks to this that the big hill, wind blowing in from the South China Sea do not cause much damage.

The natural reservation Binh Chau-PhuocBuu is the primeval forest unique coastal of Vietnam is located in XuyenMoc district of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province .  It is relatively flat this place so well very convenient for visitors In the wets is high mountain from 100 to 150m, and the rolling hills interspersed with freshwater ponds, Visitors also discover diverse vegetation , animal world with  rich variety of rare animal species. Between pristine green forests untouched is a heated intercession with more than 70 points of natural freshwater spray and pristine freshwater lakes like Tram Lake, Coc Lake, Spirit Lake, Nhamintercession

Once there, visitors will also be participating in the festival taking place annually. Miss Possession festival on lunar February 12 in the town of Long Hai. Pray for peace ceremony took place in the main hall the night before and the procession on the morning of 12 on dozens of ornately decorated boats to pray for calm sea and good catch. During the festival there are many lion dance team, orchestra to entertain and have lots of people involved.

The festival not only Miss Possession but also Whale festival took place in Whale temple on Hoang HoaTham Street on July 16-18 lunar calendar. Visitors will enjoy opera, theater, martial arts demonstrations.


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